Which holy Qur’an verses are sacred to Muslims?

The Islamic holy book known as the Qur’ans sacred texts are often referred to as the “Qur’ans of God” and they contain an incredible amount of sacred text.

Some of the sacred texts, however, are also considered “blasphemous” and are banned in many parts of the world.

Here are some of the most famous of the Qur`ans holy verses: 1.

God created Adam and Eve to be a pair of brothers.

The Quran says: God created you as brothers, and your Lord, the One Who created you from a single rib, gave you as the seed of a man, to bring forth a seed which will not fall on the ground.

So you are created from a rib, which is like a man; and your Right Hand is like the Eye of the Eye, and the Right Shoulder is like your mouth.

And God has made your heart full of knowledge and piety and knowledge and religion.


God made Adam and Adam’s wife Sarah, and they were obedient.

The Bible says: Behold, the angels of God have been pleased with you, and you have made obeisance to God.

And behold, the Angels have made you a companion to the Holy Prophet Muhammad, and he has brought you forth in the best of ways, to the people of God, to whom God has sent you.


God has created the world for the sake of you and your children, and He has set it up as a way of guidance and mercy to you.

It is written: God hath created the worlds for the benefit of mankind, so that they may know and understand the truth.


God hath made you the ruler of the human race, and His messenger, and to you is given the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and there is no other God but God.


God gave Moses the Torah, the Law of Moses.

Moses was the son of Aaron.

Moses, when he saw the Torah and the law of God as the word of God and the word which had been revealed to Moses, said: I will surely give the Torah to the children of Israel, for they are the children and heirs of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


God revealed to Abraham, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Torah.

And he said: It is My commandment, and I will give it to Abraham and Isaac and their children, that they should not kill or steal or commit adultery, but that they be circumcised, and be given the Torah of the children, as My servant Moses had commanded me. 7.

God showed Abraham and Moses the Book of the Covenant and the Torah in order to show Abraham and the children the truth, and Moses said: Do not give to the Jews the Torah or the Law, for this is the Covenant which is revealed to me, and God hath not revealed the Law to you in this manner.


The Jews and the Gentiles are the rulers over the earth.

The Holy Prophet Moses, then, went into the camp of the Jews and said to them: My Lord and My God is not in the camp, but you are the camp and My Lord is near to you; and if I had known that you would not come to My Lord, I would have brought you into the wilderness, and if you have not come, My Lord will punish you.


Moses then said to Abraham: My children, if you do not come out from the camp you shall be cut off, for it is a sign from the Lord of my life and death, that He will bring the Jews into the camps, and when you come out of the camp You shall be killed.


Abraham said: My son, it is not the Lord Who sent me into this camp; I have come to save you.

And I said: Will My Lord punish you?

Abraham said to him: My God, my God, I have sinned against Myself.

Then Moses said to Moses: What is it that you are doing?

And Moses said : Take a little bit of this meat, and eat it, and then you will understand.


Moses said then: Take a stone, and take it and take out of it three stones, and put them in your mouth, and that will be a sign to the camp from God, and it will be for a sign for them that they shall not kill.


Moses also said: The Lord has not revealed His Name to any other people except you.

So Abraham was given the land of Canaan, and Abraham said : O Lord, have mercy on me, for I have been in the wrong.

And Moses, as Abraham was going out of camp, the Lord, Who is in the heavens, came down to him, and said: Take, eat and drink.


Moses went to the Lord and said : Lord, my

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