What if the Holy Quran was made into a film?

The Holy Quran is the oldest and most important Islamic text, dating back over 1,000 years.

Its story of the creation of the world was revealed to Prophet Muhammad in the first year of his life, and it is believed to have been dictated to him by the angel Gabriel.

The holy text has become a cornerstone of religious beliefs and practice around the world, and is believed by some Muslims to have inspired the Quran’s teachings, as well as the Prophet’s teachings.

However, it has long been a topic of debate, and in the years since the publication of the Holy Texts (the holy books of Islam), there have been several attempts to produce a film adaptation.

In the early 2000s, a film was released by a group of filmmakers called the Holy Ark Productions.

The film was based on the book of the Quran, but the group was shut down by the Saudi government.

The project was revived in 2014 by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, which produced a documentary about the Holy Book.

The Saudi film, titled The Holy Ark, featured two Saudi filmmakers, Mohammad al-Makki and Mohammed al-Rashid.

The Holy Book of Islam is one of the six major religious texts in Islam.

The Quran is one part of the divine revelation that encompasses the entire Quran, as opposed to the seven books of the Old Testament, the Torah, the Gospel, and the New Testament, which comprise the Christian Bible.

The six major holy books are the Qur’an, the Holy Bible, the Koran, the hadith, and suras (the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad).

They were originally revealed to Muhammad in a unique book called the Quran (the Holy Book).

There are many other books that were also revealed to the Prophet and that were not included in the Quran.

The Qur’anic text is divided into four sections: the basic Qur’ans (the books of knowledge and instruction); the suras and commentary (the commentaries on the Qurans); and the commentary on the Quran and the sunna (the revealed books).

Each of the four parts of the Quranic text has been divided into two sections: sura and commentary.

A sura is a short, brief, and concise section of the entire text that is followed by an introduction, which may be as short as 15 or 20 verses, or as long as the sura itself.

A commentary is a collection of verses that relate to the surah.

A Sunna is a text that was inspired by the Holy Qur’ān.

The Surahs are divided into three categories: the Sunnah (what the Prophet said), the ḥadīth (what has been revealed in this Surah), and the Sunna.

There are four basic categories of the Sunnas: those that were revealed in the Holy Surah (what is revealed in it), those that are revealed in another Surah, and those that have not been revealed yet.

The Sunna in the Qurʾan is divided in five categories: basic, basic, general, and special.

Basic Surahs The basic surahs are the surahs that are included in other surahs, and are not part of any particular surah (such as the Surah that contains the Ten Commandments).

These include: Ibn Qudamah’s Surah al-Qur’an (Chapter 10) The basic Surah was revealed in 14th century Arabia, and includes the Ten Surahs of the Koran and the Qur`an.

This is one the first of the major surahs to be revealed, and was the first surah of the Bible.

It is one example of a major, foundational surah, which is what most scholars refer to as the Quraysh surah or the Surahs that follow.

The first part of this surah was also the first Quranic verse to be composed in the form of a comment, known as the commentarial surah that is the most important and longest surah in the entire Qur’án.

The other two major suras, al-Hakim’s Suran (chapter 3) and al-Nasr’s Surat al-Wudu’ah (chapter 5), were revealed later in the same period, and were considered the second and third major sura of the Arabic Bible.

This was also one of a handful of suras that were later added to the Quránic text.

The second major surah is the Holy Verse, the second part of which is known as al-Baqarah (chapter 17).

This is a shorter version of the Sura, but was included in many other suras.

The commentary on al-Bayan is known by many scholars as the first commentarial Surah.

It contains the most significant Surah in all of the previous Suras.

al-Tabari’s commentary on this Sura is the third most important Surah and was a

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