How holy qurans were inspired by the Quran

QURAN SPELLS Holy quran texts from the Quran’s oldest texts are inspired by holy plants, a study has found.

The study, published this week in the journal PLOS ONE, looked at sacred plants found in the Holy Qur’an and other sacred texts and found that some of the quranic texts contain religious and medicinal references to holy plants.

It found that the Qur’anic texts have religious and medical references to plants that have been used for medicinal purposes, including cannabis, opium and marijuana.

The Holy Quran and the Quran in general are inspired in part by holy and medicinal plants, which the scholars of the Islamic Republic of Iran say were originally plants that were sacred to Muhammad.

“The holy plants mentioned in the Quran are the sacred plants that had medicinal properties,” study author Farshid Dabashi, an Islamic Studies scholar at Tehran University, told The Associated Press.

“They are the plants that we use in the holy Quran and the Holy Quran in particular.”

The Quran was revealed in the 5th century, and was originally written in Arabic.

Dabashis study found that a number of holy plants from different countries in the Islamic world, including Morocco, Persia, China and Egypt, were mentioned in a few holy texts from different parts of the world, from the time of Muhammad to the present day.

The Qur’ans use of plants to invoke Allah was revealed after the Prophet Muhammad.

They are a reflection of the fact that the Holy Prophet Muhammad was a devout Muslim and was very conscious of the importance of plants.

A number of other sacred plants have been mentioned in holy texts that were revealed after his death, including the sacred seeds of the holy cow, the holy grape, the sacred tobacco, the sweet milk, the medicinal plant called the sacred plant of the sun, the blessed tree and the sacred flower.

Dibruz Gharib, a plant-loving Iranian who founded the Center for Cultivated Plants and Natural Resources at Tehran’s Azad-e Azadi University, said that plants are a powerful symbol of God.

“If you ask people in the West what their religion is about, they will say it’s the worship of plants,” Gharic said.

“Plants are a symbol of our god, and God is the creator of the universe.”

The study did not look at plants in the Quranic books.

The Bible, the Quran and other holy texts are often based on plants.

In fact, the Qurans original version of the Bible is based on the Holy Book of Job.

In addition, the Islamic religion says that a person’s religion is based upon a plant or plant species.

The Quran and Holy Book are also inspired by plants, and so are the holy books of Judaism and Christianity.

The holy books contain references to medicinal plants such as cannabis, poppy and rosemary, which are used for spiritual healing and in the treatment of diseases.

The Islamic Republic’s religion was founded by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who said that he had divine inspiration from plants.

“I was an Iranian and the word ‘plant’ came from God.

So, God gave plants their special qualities,” Khomeinis said in a 1979 speech.

Dabsashi, who is also a member of the Iranian Academy of Sciences, said the plants mentioned by the Holy Books are considered holy because they are sacred.

He added that holy plants were used in Islam and the Koran for centuries.

“These plants were also used in medicinal plants in Iran,” he said.

The studies looked at the plants in various holy books, and found some similarities.

“Some plants were mentioned more than once in the book of Job and in some other books,” Dabas said.

But the plants were not always mentioned in all the books.

Some books of the Holy Koran, which contain the Holy Verses, only mention plants.

But many holy books refer to other plants that are mentioned in different places in the Bible.

“In the Bible, God uses plants to make his name known.

But in the Koran, God does not mention plants in His name,” Dabsashis said.

He also said that the Quran has religious and spiritual references to many plants, but it is not clear which plants are mentioned and which are not.

For example, in one verse in the bible, God refers to plants called jasmine and jasmines as sacred plants.

And in the Book of Psalms, the Lord refers to the plant known as kohlrabi as sacred and says that it is the “tide of victory” and that it has “blessed” people and animals.

Dabis said the Quraysh religion has a strong connection to plants, especially to the sacred poppy.

“Poppy is a great symbol of the Quran,” he told The AP.

“Its a symbol for the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad.

We believe that the Koran is based

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