How to read the holy quranic p3 of the Quran

Holy Quran p3: “Allah is the Most Great of all the Names.”

“And He created the heavens and the earth.”

“He is the Lord of all things.”

“The world is of His creation.”

“There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His prophet.”

“It is He Who sent down the Qur’an on the Day of Judgment and the Day He sent down it is with His messenger.”

Holy Quran 1:33-34 p9-10 (also known as Surah Al-Baqarah) (The Surah is the first of the seven sacred books and contains the story of creation, judgment, and the afterlife.) 

(The Surat is the last of the eight sacred books.) 

“Allah created the heaven and the Earth.”

“He is Lord of All things.” 

“The world was created and then it was destroyed.” 

(And all things were created and He then destroyed them.)

“It is Allah Who sent the Quran to the Messenger of Allah, His messenger, and He sent the same to Abraham and Ismael.” 

(And the same sent the Quran to Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and Ishmael.) 

The Book of Allah is one of the most significant books in the Quran.

In its sacred text, the Quran contains the history of the universe, the history and creation of mankind, the afterlife, and all that God has created.

And in a word, the Quranic Book of History is one the most important books in human history.

The Qur’anic Book has two main parts.

One part describes God’s creation and the other part describes the afterlife.

The first part is the history, the second part is what the afterlife is like.

For example, God’s history is described as follows: “I am the Lord.

I am the Creator.

I made the heavens, the earth, and mankind.

I sent down on them the Quraysh and the Ansar and then I sent them down the Holy Qur’ān, the most magnificent Book of the Qurʿān.

I will send it down again to the Prophet, to those who have believed in Him and to those on whom Allah has bestowed blessings, to all the believers.

They will find therein a light from which they can discern the Signs and the Revelations of God and He will bring them unto the knowledge of Him and of His messenger and the Holy Book.”

Holy Quranic 2:102 p11-12 (also know as Surat Al-Kabir) (This part of the Holy Quran is referred to as the Holy Koran.) 

Holy Quranic 3:23 p16-17 (also called Surat An-Nisa’ah) (Here we see the beginning of the Last Judgment.) 

It is important to note that the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s revelations are a part of this book.

The revelation is one part of God’s revelation to the world, the other is God’s guidance to man.

This revelation is described in the Holy Bible as: “…

God sent down upon Moses, the Son of God, and Jesus, the Beloved of God.

God sent down to Moses the Book of Life and the Book which was like the Book (which Moses had) with the Revelation that He would give it to Moses and Jesus as the Book that He had made.” 

 (God sent Moses the book of life and Jesus the book that was like that which Moses had). 

(In fact, the Book itself was made by God.) 

In this chapter, God describes how Moses is given the book, the book itself is made by Him.

In the Qur`anic Book, God is also the author of the book.

In other words, the Holy Messenger of God is God. 

In a very real sense, God has the final word.

He is the one who decides the fate of the world. God said: “(He) has decreed for you the Book, and for Moses the Prophets, and he has sent down a Revelation upon you from the Lord, which you have heard and read.” 

The Quran gives us the perfect example of God ruling the world in a supreme fashion.

God says to Moses: The book which I sent you with is the Book and it is a Revelation of God which has been sent down from Him to you. 

“And I am God and have revealed to you the Scripture, and it has been revealed to your Prophet and His Messenger, so that you may be able to understand it.” 

And, God says again: ‘And I have sent down for you a Book and a Revelation to you and to Moses.’ 

“God is God and has revealed to Moses a Book which has come down to him, and you have understood it.

God is the Creator of all creation and He has sent it down to you.” 

God said: “And I sent it to you to make known to

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