How to Translate the Holy Quran in the Quran Experiment

A Muslim cleric has published a holy Quran experiment that has successfully translated into English only the verse that was used in the original Arabic.

The translation was made using the Quran Translator app for iPhone, Android, and iPad.

The app is the first of its kind, according to Islamic scholar Dr. Shafiq Khan, who helped develop it.

“This is one of the first translations that is being made using Quran Translators app,” Khan said in a video.

“We used this app to convert the holy text in Arabic to English and to translate the Quranic verses.”

He added that it was also the first time a translation has been made using an app for the Quran.

In the video, Khan explains that the Qur’an uses a number of different verses in the Bible, but only the Qurʾan has been translated into the English language using an original Arabic verse.

The Qur’anic verses are the same ones that were used in Bible verses to describe God’s glory and attributes.

“The Qur’ans original meaning was to describe what God looks like,” Khan explained.

“So the Qurṭan was originally written in Hebrew, which means Hebrew is the same language that was spoken in Palestine, the land of Israel, in the ancient period.”

The Hebrew word for God is YHWH.

This is why the Qurūn describes God as God, who is the ultimate and all-powerful, supreme, omnipotent, everlasting, all-knowing and all powerful.” “

In Hebrew, God is the source of all existence, and in Arabic, he is the end of all things.

This is why the Qurūn describes God as God, who is the ultimate and all-powerful, supreme, omnipotent, everlasting, all-knowing and all powerful.”

Khan said that the app was developed using a variety of tools including computer programs, audio and video recordings, and text-to-speech software.

“It is a very complex process, and you need to be very experienced to do it,” Khan told ABC News.

“To make this work, the Quran needs to be recited at least 10 times a day for seven days a week, and it needs to also be read aloud.”

The project is still in the early stages and Khan said the translations could be completed by the end, but he said the app is a good starting point.

“What we are doing is taking an ancient, sacred book, which is considered holy, and translating it in a modern technology,” he explained.

The project will not stop there.

Khan said his next project will translate a verse from the Qur`an to English for the first and last time.

“For the first translation, I will translate this verse in Arabic in a digital language that has been adapted to our digital technology,” Khan added.

“I will use a translator app that allows us to translate texts to English without the use of a translator.”

The next project is expected to be complete in late 2018, Khan said.

According to Khan, there are other Muslim scholars who are using Quran translations to translate verses in their own languages.

“My next project, if we do it right, could be translated into Hebrew, Hebrew to English, Hebrew translation, English translation,” Khan continued.

“But if we are using a translator, then we are actually taking an Arabic text and translating that into English, so I hope that we can do this successfully.”

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