Why the holy Quran is translated without Arabic language

The holy Quran, a compilation of the Quran’s teachings and traditions, is translated into English through a translation program, but many Muslims in the U.S. still have difficulties with the translation process.

Here are the major differences between English and Urdu.

What Is the Holy Quran Translation?

The Holy Quran is a collection of Quran verses, many of which were revealed over a span of more than 4,000 years.

While some scholars say it is possible to read the holy texts in Urdu, most Muslims do not use Urdu for religious purposes.

Instead, the Quran is read in Urddi, a language of the Indian subcontinent.

Many Muslims in India use Urddis, and some even use it as a second language in the country.

Muslims in other countries are not allowed to use Urddu as a language for religious worship.

The translation program in the Quran was created in the 19th century.

The Quran was first revealed in the year 633 A.D., and Muslims in Persia and Egypt used different versions of the holy book, each with different translations.

Today, Muslims in countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon use Urdo, the language of Islam, as the official language.

What Are the Differences between Urdu and Urdo?

The two languages have many similarities.

While the Quran in Urdo is translated with the most modern Arabic-language grammar, Urdo in Persian is also heavily influenced by the language.

Urdo has a more formal grammar, while Urdo features more poetic and poetic idioms.

While Urdo borrows from Arabic and Latin, Urdu borrows mostly from Sanskrit.

The Arabic-to-Persian and Sanskrit-to

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