Voice Holy Quran proffers proverbs for those seeking enlightenment

Holy Quranic proverbs have been given a new meaning for those searching for enlightenment.

The first proverbs are from the Quran, which contains proverbs of various kinds.

The Quran says, “Say, I have indeed heard from thee a proverb that is for thee and thy people” (3:111).

“And I have also heard that which is good for you, and what is good to you, I will not take away, nor take away from you,” (7:60).

“O you who believe!

Do not forget these things, nor forsake them, for God knows what is right for you,” and “Say not to those who hear you and whom ye trust that you do not take them as a shield and a sword, but with faithfulness and sincerity, as a guide and a helper.”

These verses say that Allah has blessed mankind with the ability to discern the good from the evil, and the proverbs were intended for the people seeking enlightenment, and for people who were being persecuted for having the wrong view.

The proverbs in the Quran have been translated into many languages.

One of the oldest, Arabic, is called “Sayyidah al-Quranic,” which means “Sayings of the Prophets.”

These verses are the first verse in the Book of Psalms, and are used by Jewish and Christian Jews, and Christians, as well as Muslims.

There are many more verses that can be found in the Bible, but these are the oldest.

In other verses in the Quranic Quran, it says, “[Sayyids] have seen that what is between you is between God and His servants, and you do them good, and they have seen the goodness of Allah, so they are in a state of joy.”

“And He hath done the same for those who fear Him, for He is Forgiving, Merciful,” and another verse says, “…

God hath loved the servant of his servants and His mercy is greater than His wrath, and He has sent down from heaven a Book that guideth the people, and it is a Mercy Book.”

“So God is forgiving and merciful.

He has shown mercy to His servants and to those whom He loveth.

God is All-Knowing,” and these are some of the most beautiful verses in this Quran.

The other verses of the Quran also teach the people how to become more spiritual and to find meaning in their lives.

“Say: This world is the most corrupt of all the worlds; the people of the world have turned away from God and have worshipped the idols of the nations, and have spread corruption among their own people.

But Allah is All Powerful, All-Wise.

So be on your guard against them, O ye people, for the day of Judgment will not befall you except with Allah.

If ye are faithful in faith, then fear God, and fear Him alone.”

The verses say, “O ye who believe, do not forsake the Quran; for God has prepared it for you in His own way, and has given it for guidance to the people.

And to Him belongs the guidance of all mankind.

He is all-powerful and all-wise.

And He is All Knowing.

Say: This is a book that guidest the people and that guidests the people in the world.””

Say: I am a messenger sent down by Allah to you from Him, a Messenger sent down to you by Him to testify of His ways and His truth.

And the messenger of Allah is He who sent you down, and His revelations are from Him.

And there is no god but Him.

So believe in Allah, and do good.

Say and do not doubt in the hereafter.

O people, do good, that ye may have a glad tidings of your Lord, for verily He is With You.”

The Quran says the “messenger of Allah” is Allah, the “all-knowing.”

This means that the Quran teaches the people that Allah is their Lord and the one who sent them.

And Allah is the one Who sent the Quran.

Allah sent the prophet Ibrahim to Muhammad, the last prophet of Islam.

Muhammad was the last Prophet of Islam, but Muhammad was sent by Allah, for Allah sent Muhammad, and Allah sent Ibrahim.

The Quran also says, Allah sent him as a “messaging angel.”

Ibrahim was sent to Muhammad in the form of a messenger, and Ibrahim sent him a message.

Ibrahim’s message to Muhammad is, “The messenger of God is with you, the servant is with him.”

Muhammad was a messenger to Ibrahim, and Muhammad sent Ibrahim to Ibrahim.

Ibrahim sent Muhammad to Ibrahim as a messenger.

Ibrahim also sent Muhammad as a Messenger to Ibrahim’s slave, who is called Ibrahim’s daughter.

Ibrahim gave Ibrahim’s wife, Mariam, a message to tell her daughter that Ibrahim was with her.

Ibrahim was also sent as a message by Ibrahim’s servant

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