Why is Qur’an so important? Live religious content from ESPN’s live studio

By SARA J. BAILEY and MARY E. KELLY ESPN.com Staff – NOVEMBER 23, 2019Tears were streaming down her face when a reporter asked her if she knew about the holy book that her father gave her as a boy.

Qur’ans holy book, she replied.

It is the book of God.

“That’s what it says,” the reporter said.

“It says that we must pray, we must worship, we have to obey, and we must obey our rulers.”

She said the story made her cry, but then, she said, she started crying again.

“I couldn’t tell you that I was crying because I didn’t know what it was about,” she said.

Her father told her that the Quran, which is the bible, is the word of God, but he also told her to pray and to obey her parents.

His wife said her father also told his daughter that her life would be better if she prayed and obeyed the commands of her parents, who had taken her in as a little girl.

She asked if the Quran also teaches women to be obedient, to obey men, to be kind and to be generous.

She said she wanted to be a doctor and a doctor’s assistant, and she wanted a husband.

My father, she told the reporter, said that if I would become like them, I could help them.

She also said that her mother was a fighter and would fight for Allah if she could, but that she didn’t want to die fighting.

Qurays story is the one I’ve heard about most in my family, she continued.

But the only time I have ever had the Quran I read it was when I was very young.

My mother said that when I went to school, she saw a man sitting at a table with a Bible.

She said I could never be like that.

I just prayed.

She prayed for me, and I prayed for myself, too.

I don’t remember what I was taught, but I did remember that I had to pray to Allah for my life.

Quran has always been my mother’s prayer, said Mihrida, who was born in Pakistan and has two younger brothers.

The Quran is a very beautiful book, Mihri said, which makes me feel very strong and proud.

Qurs book is like a Bible, she added.

A book like that, it makes you feel that you can have a great life.

When I read the Quran as a child, it made me feel happy, and when I read about my life as a woman, it gave me joy, she recalled.

Even now, she can’t get enough of the Quran.

She wants to read every verse.

It gives me the strength to live, she also said.

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