Holy Quran animates a man as he dances in a mosque

A woman in Uzbekistan is showing how holy Qurans can animate a man.

A man in a hijab and a beard was performing prayers in a small mosque in the capital city of Uruzgan, on Thursday when a female Muslim imam started animating him, according to the news website Uzbek Express.

The man had not noticed when she began to animate him, and was surprised when she did so in a beautiful way, said the woman who was not identified by name.

She then gave him the script to write a letter, and the woman explained that the script had to be changed when the imam was ready to perform prayers again.

The woman said the man started to cry when he saw her, but she calmed him by telling him that this is how the holy Quran works.

“It was a really beautiful gesture, he just looked at her, then he started to say a few words, and she started to write him a letter,” she said.

The imam told the man to repeat the script for the next time, and he did, the woman added.

When the imas performed prayers in the mosque, the imams and female imams used to stand behind the man and help him, the Uzbek Express report said.

“When the man got ready to pray again, he saw the imras standing behind him and started crying,” the woman said.

“The imas gave him a little kiss and then started writing his letter.”

The woman told the website that the ima, who had been working in a Muslim community in the city, has been working for a few years.

“I believe this is the first time I have ever seen a woman doing such a thing in the Islamic world,” she told the site.

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