Inside the holy book academy where Islam is taught

Inside the Holy Quran Academy in Pakistan, where Islam was taught for thousands of years, the students have had to adapt their ways of life.

They say they have no choice but to learn a different religion from the one taught in the local school, because the teacher doesn’t allow them to pray or read the Quran.

Their new faith – Islam- is a religion of peace and mercy, not hatred and intolerance.

So the first day of class, they put on a white turban, which they take off at the end of the first morning of class.

It’s the most common form of religious dress in Pakistan.

Students wear it in their mosque, at home, in their homes, and even in the streets.

But in the Holy Quran Academy in Karachi, they have to change their religious beliefs too.

It is a school for the poor and needy, and the Muslim students say they can’t go to their local mosque to pray for the homeless because it’s closed.

Their choice of faith is more than just a choice of dress.

It gives them hope and a sense of belonging in a country where religion is under attack.

When I came to Pakistan, I felt like I was the only Muslim in the world, the only person of my religion who was going to go to a mosque to worship, the last refuge of Muslims.

So it is not just about religion.

It also is about hope, a sense that we are going to live this life, that we’re going to be able to live it and not have to suffer and not feel like we’re in pain and not be lonely.

This is something that I believe in deeply.

When you look around the world and see how religions are under attack, you will see that people don’t want to live their lives in a way that makes them feel lonely, or insecure, or miserable.

So I have to try and tell them, “No, we’re not going to let that happen.”

In this new religious order, Muslims are called to “work” to help others.

They are to be peacemakers, to be a force for justice, and to be “faithful” in their own lives.

The new Islamic order that is being built is called “Quran Academy” because it was designed by a woman, Qari Aslam.

In a recent article in The Washington Post, she told The Guardian newspaper: “Quranic Academy is a place where the oppressed can come to learn, where they can learn about their faith and their responsibilities in society.”

It is also the school where Qari Amin, a famous scholar, started his “study group”.

It’s a place of learning, of learning from other Muslims, and it’s a school where he began his journey of self-examination.

Qari says the idea for the school came about when he started reading the Quran for the first time in his life.

He was 12.

When he was 13, he became fascinated by the Quran and the story of the Prophet Muhammad, who he says was a great man.

The idea of a “study” group was born.

This was an idea that I was already thinking about in my own life.

In my mind, I was thinking, if I wanted to be successful in life, then I should study and learn from other people, and I would also study the Quran more.

I didn’t know how to write the Quran, so I asked a friend to help me.

We sat on a sofa in the middle of a crowded mosque.

The Quran is in two parts: the first part is the Holy Book, the Bible, and Qari is the narrator of it.

The second part is called the “Kitab” or the “script of the Quran”, which is a kind of book that contains everything in the Bible.

But I wanted the Quran to be like this so that I could write it.

And I think that’s what motivated me to study and study the Holy Qur’an.

This idea was really born out of my own need for self-evaluation, to try to understand how I had been brought up.

I’ve been taught that I’m the only one who can know my true identity, and that my identity is only known to me.

And so I wanted an alternative.

So in the beginning, I would read a lot of the Holy Books and read them with the Holy Prophet.

But then I realised that I needed to learn from people in different religions and cultures.

And when I started to read the Holy Bible, I realised the difference between the Quran that I had read, and what I had actually seen in my mind.

I thought, “This is really interesting, but what’s the difference?”

So that was the first point.

Then I started looking at other religions.

The first time I looked at Islam was in the mid-1960s.

I remember thinking that Islam is the most powerful religion in the Middle East and that

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