How to read Qur’an in yorubas language

A young Yoruba man and his family have been living in the remote village of Wajibou in the west of the country for nearly a decade.

They are part of a movement of Yoruba-speakers who are calling for the country to recognise a new religious language and create a religion school.

The Yoruba language is not spoken in the north, but is a part of the central and eastern regions of the nation.

The school, set up by the government of the Yoruba People’s Democratic Republic of the Congo, aims to teach young Yorubas to speak the language and teach it to others.

They also want the country’s president, Joseph Kabila, to open the school to young people from the region.

Mr Kabila has been trying to open schools for the Yorubae since 2011, but the government has so far been slow to open them.

“It is not a new issue,” says Mr Haji Mohammed, who works for the Ministry of Education.

“We are the first ones to call for it.”

The government of Congo is trying to create a school that will educate young people to teach Yoruba, who are the oldest language spoken in South Sudan.

The Government of the Republic of West Africa (GARWA) was established in May 2014 to promote education in the region of the Central African Republic, including the north of the African Union (AU) with a focus on the languages spoken there.

But Mr Haniya and other young Yorubs have been waiting for the GARWA to open a school for the language, which is spoken mainly by the Yorubs in the south and south-east.

Mr Hamiya is also a teacher at the school.

“The idea of opening a school is really inspiring, because it shows that this is the way to go,” he says.

The young people in Wajabou are the youngest in their community.

They say the language was brought to them by missionaries who visited their village in the 1950s.

Mr Mohammed says the missionaries told them they could only speak Yoruba if they converted to Christianity and converted to Islam.

They were told they could not use Yoruba as a language, so they converted, which made it the first language they could use.

“If we are speaking Yoruba today, then we can speak the new language,” he adds.

The GARwa is hoping to offer the new school a place to start in May, when it opens.

But it is a long process.

It is difficult for young Yorubbos to learn the language in their own language, but some have been teaching it to people who speak English.

So far, only a handful of people have enrolled, but there are some 200 people who are studying Yoruba.

It will take at least five years before the school is able to open.


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