‘Quran Malayalam’ is the new best thing in Hindi, and you can’t get it anywhere else

Holy Quran Malayalees have a new favorite song and its called ‘Quranic Malayali’.

In the Hindi language, it’s known as ‘Qural Malayal’.

The song is performed by the group ‘Shaykala’.

Shaykatala is an all-round Hindi singer who performs alongside some of the country’s top Hindi stars.

She also performs with a variety of singers, including a few from the Hindi film industry.

The song features verses from the Holy Quran and its Surah.

The group, known for its songs such as ‘Chala bhi chalab’, ‘Sardar Bhaskar’ and ‘Peshal ko khulang’, had also recorded an album titled ‘Bharati Malayala’, which is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Shaylagh also has a large following on social media.

Many people are singing her song as part of their everyday prayers.

Some are also posting their own lyrics.

Shah Rukh Khan, a well-known Hindi singer, has shared his love for the song on his Facebook page.

“My wife and I sing this song together.

I’m sure that the people of India will get a taste of this song in the future,” he wrote.

Akshay Kumar, another Hindi singer and actor, shared his version of ‘Quryan Malayalis’.

“I am a Muslim, but I like to sing songs from my own heart,” he said.

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