‘It’s a nightmare’: A child’s journey to freedom from Saudi Arabia

A teenage girl is on a journey to the United States to seek asylum after her family was forcibly separated from her family in Saudi Arabia.

She said she was told to leave the kingdom for her own safety but when she arrived in the US, she was taken to a detention center.

Her mother, who had been working in a nearby restaurant, told Reuters the family was locked in a detention facility and forced to work long hours for little pay.

“It’s not a normal situation, but I think we can manage it,” she said.

“I am scared of what is going to happen.”

“The way we are treated is like a normal country.

I’m not in the situation of being imprisoned in a prison,” she added.

The girl’s family, who have not been identified, said they had been sent to the detention center in Riyadh by Saudi authorities.

“They told us that we were going to be sent to a special prison and that we would be given a certain amount of money,” she told Reuters.

The young woman, who is from Saudi King Salman’s ruling Al Saud family, said she had been in the detention facility for three days before she was able to board a flight home.

“After I went there, the guards told us to sit down and take a nap,” she recounted.

The woman said she did not know how long she would be detained.

“We are scared and not sure how long I can stay here,” she continued.

“There are no lawyers or anyone who can help us,” she lamented.

She had previously said she would apply for asylum.

The Saudi government said it had detained more than 200,000 people since the kingdom imposed a nationwide ban on all social media in October last year, prompting social media users to take to social media to complain.

“The government is using social media and social media platforms to promote its image and create chaos in the country,” Saudi Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef said in a statement on Sunday.

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