How to Watch the Holy Quran and the Holy Book of Islam, with Hasan Qureshi

The holy Quran, known as the Qur’an, is the final word on the world.

Its teachings are the source of the universe and the source for every religious and cultural experience.

The Holy Book is the book of the Abrahamic faiths and is considered by Muslims to be the most sacred of all the divine writings.

The Qur’anic texts were first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in the year 622 C.E., a little more than one thousand years ago.

The Quran was revealed to him over three consecutive nights in the Tabarani mountain temple in Mecca.

The first night, in the seventh month of the Islamic calendar, the prophet sat in the throne room of the mosque, and on the second night he prayed, recited verses, and read from the Holy Qur’ans.

He then left for the cave of Aqaba, in Arabia, where he spent the night and the next day reciting the next verse.

The prophet then returned to Mecca and then continued to pray and read the Holy Koran.

When he returned to the cave, he returned with the Holy Tablets of the Holy Scripture.

The next morning, he again recited the Holy Words, and at that point he entered the cave and went back to sleep.

But the prophet was awoken by a voice and heard, “Aisha has sent me to you, O Muhammad,” and went to see her.

She said, “I have been ordered by Allah, the Most High, to write the Quranic Scripture.”

Then she was struck with a deep sense of disappointment and sorrow.

The Prophet Muhammad went back into the cave where he was lying.

The voice said, “‘I have made you aware of something I have seen, and I will inform you of it.

Allah has told you that I have been sent to you.

I am informed that the Qurans have been revealed to you.’

Then the voice said to the Messenger of Allah, ‘What did you say?’

He replied, ‘I have heard what you said.’

Then he fell asleep and was taken up by the angels.

The angel Gabriel, the messenger of Allah to the prophets, came and said, ‘O Messenger of God, what did you see?’

He said, I saw a great light and then the angels entered him and said to him, ‘Leave him alone, and then you shall be forgiven.’

The Messenger of the Allah came out of the cave.

He was still in a trance.

He asked, ‘Are you awake?’

He was surprised, and said that he had been lying there all night.

He said to his companions, ‘Do you think I will go out into the wilderness and take a donkey and go out and kill you?’

They said, `No, Allah has forgiven you.'”

The Prophet then went to the place where he had seen the light and heard the voice.

He saw the angels, and they said, ‘(Leave him for us and we will take him back to the Cave.’)

Then he came out, and he asked, ‘(What was that?’)

He was astonished, and the angels said to me, ‘This is a revelation from Allah.

You should not go out with a donkey to kill you, and we have heard that you are a person of wisdom.’

Then I came to the spot where I saw the light, and my companions said to each other, ‘Wait until you see him again.’

Then they saw him again.

He became very pale, and all the angels who had come out of his cave came out and said in a loud voice, ‘Hail!

Hail to Allah, exalted is He!

Allah has delivered you from this cave.’

Then all the people came to Muhammad and asked him, “What is this?’

He answered, ‘The voice that I heard at the cave.’

‘How do you know?’

They said.

‘We have seen you in a dream.’

Muhammad said, No, this is a dream from Allah.’

They said again, ‘Have you seen the angel Gabriel before?’

He responded, ‘No, but we have seen him when I was at the place I saw you in.’

Muhammad asked, “Where did you get this vision?”

They said ‘By Allah, I did not see him.’

Then Muhammad said to them, ‘You have heard the angels saying, ‘He has sent you to us.

Go to him.’

The angels came out with two angels, one of whom was tall and the other was small.

They went to him and asked, `What did he say?’

They were surprised, because they knew that the voice that Muhammad heard was the voice of Allah.

Then they said to Muhammad, ‘Come out.’

He said ‘You must wait until you go out of this cave.

You must be in a place where you can be seen and hear the angels.’

So Muhammad came out.

The angels who were with him said to one another,

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