Why holy Quran should be translated into Hindi

If you have been reading our daily columns for the past three days, you may have heard us saying that the Holy Quran should have been translated into a single language.

We said that it was a matter of great importance that we should have the best possible translation of the Quran and that it should be written in a language that would be understood by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

So we decided to go ahead with the translation of Holy Quran into Hindi.

We have a few suggestions for what Hindi might look like, and we will be sharing those with you soon.

First of all, we recommend that the text be translated in a single font size, and that the characters should be arranged in a neat row, column, and line.

A good example of this is the first verse of Holy Book of the Hindus (5.16), where Allah says, “And if thou be a prophet of Allah, and art of a truth-teller, thou shalt declare unto men what is in truth, and they shall know that Allah hath indeed sent down His Book unto thee, and He hath sent down no other Book.”

It would be a mistake to think that there is a lot of ambiguity in this verse, but there is so much more to it than that.

We recommend that we write the words as a row and column and then arrange them in a row.

This is a basic way of doing it.

We have also seen how the Quran itself is divided into two parts, the Surah (chapter) and the Nihayah (prayer).

The Nihah is the most important part of the Holy Book, and the verses from it are considered the best translations.

But we have also heard that the Surahs have been rendered in different ways and that they are not the best.

We hope that by following this advice, we can make the translation into Hindi as easy as possible.

Second, we suggest that the translation should be in two languages.

One is English, and this can be done by simply writing the text in English.

The other language is Hindi, which is the official language of India.

If you know Hindi, we would recommend that you translate the Holy Text in Hindi.

It is not a difficult process, and once you are able to read the Holy text in Hindi, you will be able to translate it into English.

It may be a little difficult to do this if you are a native speaker of English, but you should be able after a few months to speak it fluently.

We suggest that you use a language tutor to help you learn Hindi.

The best thing you can do is to read all the Holy Qur’an, the Nafs, and a selection of the Hadiths in English, then translate it in Hindi as well.

We will share the translation steps below.

The process of translating the Holy Word of Allah into HindiThe first step is to find out what language is the best for the Holy Words of Allah in the Holy Scriptures.

We can use the translation method that we discussed earlier to determine which language is better for translating the Quran into.

For example, we could look at the verse in the Quran that we have been referring to earlier, 5.16, and say that if it is translated in English in a format that can be understood to Muslims, then it is the perfect translation.

But if the text is translated into the Holy Language of Allah by using Hindi, then the Quran would not be the best translation for Muslims, since it would have some inaccuracies.

The Holy Quran is the Word of God, and every word of it has been revealed in it, so it is impossible to use an English translation of it in a way that is completely correct.

This means that we need to find a translation that is accurate, but we should not confuse the Quran with other scriptures, since they are all inspired by God.

To do this, we will use the following approach:We begin by selecting the Holy Verse of the Bible.

The Bible contains the most significant passages of the Qur’aan, and these passages are the ones that we will have to translate into Hindi if we want to make the Holy Scripture into a modern language.

For the Holy Bible, we want a text that can easily be read by non- Muslims, as well as Muslims who have a strong interest in the Bible, as it contains the key teachings of the religion.

We also want a book that is available in a variety of languages, so that it can be translated as well in different languages.

To determine which Bible to choose, we first have to decide which verses are most important in the Quranic verses.

The Qur’ans verses are divided into three parts: Surah, Niháh, and Hadíh.

Surah is found in chapters 5 through 8, and Nihhá in chapters 9 through 11.

Nihab is found at the end of chapters 13 and 14, and hadíh is found after the end.

The Surah of Sur

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