How can a new religion convert you?

The Quds Force, the Islamic military wing of Iran’s Islamic Republic, has begun a new phase of its religious conversion campaign, the latest attempt to sway the world’s largest minority to its view on religion.

The group, which includes a number of religious minorities, including Christians and Jews, began converting the first two hundred people to its faith this month.

It says it wants to reach out to the rest of the world and convert millions of people who are not Muslims to its version of Islam.

Iran’s Quds Forces are also active in a number, including Syria, Iraq, Sudan and Yemen.

Quds Force members are required to wear a uniform and carry weapons and other military equipment.

They are believed to have a special connection with the armed forces, the military and Iran’s clerical elite, which is made up of the Quds force’s elite and senior officers.

In a recent sermon, Quds’ spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said: “There are many religious minorities that have their own religion, which does not have any similarity to Islam.

And if we convert them to Islam, they will not know that there is no God but Allah.”

The religious conversion of Christians and Muslims is already happening in some parts of the Middle East, but there are few examples of it in the United States.

The American government is trying to convince the world to adopt its version, which would include a prohibition on the U.S. government issuing visas to anyone who opposes the new religion.

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