How ‘holy’ Quran could change the world

“Holy Quran” is a term used to describe a religious text that is considered holy by Muslims.

It’s also a term commonly used to refer to a religious book.

However, it is a controversial term and a Muslim scholar and writer has proposed a new definition.

In a piece on the site Fox Sports, M.A. Abdul Kalam, an Arabic scholar and philosopher, writes, “I think that the word ‘holy,’ in this context, refers to an attribute of the divine that is not something of human nature.

The word ‘religious,’ in other words, refers not to something that is inherent in religion but to something more like a divine attribute.

This is why I prefer to use the word to refer not to the essence of God, but to His attributes, the attributes of His Word, the Holy Quran.”

His definition is very controversial.

He believes that the term “holy” has been misused to refer more to God and to “a divine attribute.”

His idea that the Quranic holy text is a divine book is called a “sophisticated” definition.

Others, like the Islamic Council of Canada, have argued that the use of the term is a misinterpretation of the Qur’an and the Holy Qur’anic holy book, which is the “holy word of God.”

In the article, Abdul Kalapah explains how the word “holy,” and not the word Allah, refers in the Qur`an to the divine attributes.

“In the Quran, God said, ‘The Holy One of God is One.’

It says, ‘There is one God.’

God said in the Quran: ‘God created mankind with a perfect and perfect understanding of the Holy Book.’

The Holy Quran says that there is one Holy Book, the Quran.

The Quran says, the holy Quran is the Quran and God has sent it on earth to mankind.

This holy Quran contains God’s truth.

The Holy Book says, there is a person who was sent from God to mankind and he was the messenger of God.’

This is the first revelation of God’s Word.

The revelation of the Quran is called the Quran or the Quran of God,” Abdul Kalalas book “The Quran and Its Teachings” states.

“This is the second revelation of this Holy Book and the third revelation of it in the Holy Scripture.

It says in the holy scriptures, ‘the Holy One, blessed be He, sent me, the messenger, with a clear and truthful revelation.’

God has revealed to mankind that there exists an inner meaning of His word.

This inner meaning is revealed through the Holy Word and through the revelations of the Messenger of God.

He has told men, ‘You must read this revelation, you must understand this revelation.'””

The Holy Book is the word of Allah and the Quran speaks to the truth of the word.

The Word of God says, it has been revealed to us.

God has said, I am the Messenger and I am with you.

And I have sent to you a revelation and the Prophet Muhammad is with you.”

A scholar from the Islamic University of Canada and Abdul Kalmah’s co-author, Dr. Abdul Hakim Al-Razi, wrote an op-ed in The Guardian on the use “holy.”

“In our book, the Qurans Holy Quran and its Teachings, we have argued in detail that the Holy Bible, the Torah and the Koran are not sacred writings but are the revelations that God has given to man in the form of a holy book,” Abdul Hakam Al-Alabi wrote in the article.

“The Holy Quran is a revelation, and its message is the revelation of Allah.

It is the true revelation of Muhammad, the Messenger.

The prophets and the prophets’ revelations were revealed by the prophet Muhammad and he is the messenger.

The Quranic revelations are a revelation of his.

The message of the prophets was revealed to the people through the prophet and his companions.”

Dr. Abdul Al-Raibi and Dr. Al-Zahrawi, who are both Muslims, wrote in their book, “A New History of Islam,” that the Quran was “a revelation of human beings and the revelation that came to Muhammad through his companions, the Companions of the Prophet.”

“The Qur’ans revelation and its meaning is the only source of truth that Muslims are required to accept,” Abdul Al Razi and Al-Kahrami wrote.

“It is the ultimate source of all knowledge and wisdom that is the Holy Scriptures.

The Islamic religion is a religion based on the revelation and interpretation of the Koran.”

The book, titled “A History of the Islamic Religion,” will be published in December by the Islamic Association of Canada.

Abdul Kassam Al Karimi is a Muslim cleric and scholar and the co-founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress.

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