Holy Quran has a huge trove of new insights, scholars say

The holy book has a massive trove of previously unknown insights, religious scholars have concluded.

“We are looking for new truths in the Holy Quran and that is what we call Holy Quran,” said Dr. Mohammed Khawaja, a professor at the University of Michigan.

He said he believes the book’s new insight on the Prophet Muhammad’s childhood and his father’s death, and its detailed account of the Prophet’s life before his death, have profound implications for understanding the history of Islam.

The book’s revelations on Muhammad’s marriage to the daughter of a Muslim king and his son’s rebellion against the Muslims in the seventh century B.C. have been a boon for scholars.

Many of the insights are new to Western readers, and many scholars who have examined them have found them to be extremely important.

The book also contains new information on Muhammad and his companions, and on other Muslim figures, such as the Prophet Musa, and his family.

Its translation and commentary have helped to explain the early history of the faith, said Muhammad Taqi, a leading Muslim scholar in the United States.

His commentary on the Quran has been translated into more than 20 languages and has been widely read.

But the volume has also drawn scrutiny for some of the material that has previously been published.

In its introduction to the book, the Islamic scholar Al-Awwam Al-Sakhi described a chapter from the Quran where Muhammad said he had “conquered Jerusalem.”

In an online comment, the Muslim scholar Alhaj Ali called that passage “an anti-Muslim slander,” and he wrote, “It is in a book called Holy Quran that we find an anti-Islamic slander.”

Alhaj Al-Ali, an Islamic scholar in Canada, is the founder of the International Islamic Studies Association, which promotes a pluralistic and tolerant interpretation of Islam and its holy books.

Alhazmi, a critic of Islam, is also a Muslim scholar at the International Center for the Study of Islam in Canada.

He said his book is a significant addition to the Quran and his translation has helped to dispel Islamophobia in Canada and around the world.

I’m very happy that this book has been made available to the world,” he said.

While the volume is only in its third edition, Alhazali said it is important for Muslim scholars to see it as part of a larger effort to interpret Islam.

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