How to use ‘Quran’ as an excuse to go out and kill women

A man wearing a white turban walks into a cafe in Islamabad, Pakistan, on February 12, 2021.

A man in a white turbans walks into an Indian restaurant in Lahore, Pakistan on February 13, 2021, and walks away without paying.

A woman in a red headscarf walks into the restaurant in Islamabad and sits down with a glass of water.

A young man wearing the hijab sits on a couch and talks on his cellphone.

An Afghan woman wearing the traditional dress of her faith stands in a doorway and listens to the television news on her phone.

A Sikh man sits on the floor and talks to his parents outside his home in Srinagar, India, on October 19, 2018.

A white turbanshah (a Muslim woman) sits on an escalator at a shopping mall in Hyderabad, India.

A male Pakistani man sits at a roadside in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

A female Afghan woman talks on her cellphone while walking by a roadside.

A Muslim woman walks in a street in Lahora, Pakistan., October 20, 2018 A Muslim man wears a turban, a beard and a skullcap at a market in Rawad, Pakistan.(AFP photo: Abdul Sattar Nazar)A man in his 30s and his wife walk down a street during the Eid al-Fitr festival in Rawan, Pakistan at the end of Eid al al-Adha on August 19, 2020.(AFP Photo: Hamid Gul)A young woman stands in the doorway of a house in Rawandar, Pakistan during the annual Eid al Eid festival on August 20, 2020.

The city is celebrating the Eid-ul-Fitra holiday, which is a Muslim holy day in Pakistan.

A man wearing an Islamic headscarab sits outside a hotel in Rawar, a city in Pakistan.(Reuters photo: Mohammed Javed)A female police officer stands outside a house during the daily prayer for Eid al Adha in Rawor, Pakistan in this handout picture taken by AFP on August 21, 2020 on the outskirts of Rawandaran, a small town in the northwestern Pakistani city of Rawalpur.(AFP PHOTO: Mohammed GURAN)A woman stands outside the gate of a school during the morning prayers for Eid-al-Fitri in Rawnaran, Pakistan(Reuters photo)A group of children wait to take a break at a restaurant during the afternoon prayers for the Eid festival in the village of Khanpur, Pakistan that was also known as Baniyas.

The women sit on a bench during the midday prayers at a cafe.

A mosque is seen during the noon prayers.(Reuters picture: Mohammed Gul)The young man in the turban is seen in a video at a mosque in Rawari, Pakistan which is also known by its traditional name of Banias, and is pictured on the back of a truck as he drives along the highway.

A woman takes a break in a cafe during the evening prayers for dawn prayers at the mosque in Karachi.(Reuters photograph: Mohammed Gur)A Sikh woman walks through the streets during the holy month of Ramzan during the day.(Reuters image: Hamit Gul)Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir holds up a copy of the Quran during a ceremony marking Eid al Fatwa, or Muslim religious holidays, at the presidential palace in the capital, Sanaa, on August 25, 2020 in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.(AFP photos: Mohammad Sattara)A family sits on top of a motorcycle during a visit to the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.(Reuters file photo: Omar al-)

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