‘Hindus have no faith’: Hindu nationalists vow to defend Hindutva

Hindus are the “only people in the world” who believe in their own holy book, according to a Hindu nationalist group in India.

In a video posted to Facebook on Wednesday, a group called Hindutvads HindutVidya (HV) announced that they would fight to protect Hindu holy scriptures from the encroachment of “secularism” and “Islamisation” that is being “forced upon us”.

“Our goal is to protect our sacred texts,” it read.

“Our goal has never been to take the Quran and the Vedas down.

Our goal is the same as any other religion: to maintain our faith in our religion and to preserve the sanctity of the Hindu scriptures.”HV also promised to fight against the “Islamification of India” and called on the government to “defend our holy books and the sacred symbols of our religion”.”

We are a nation of pure Hindu scriptures and we have never discriminated against anyone in our history.

We do not want to change any religion but we want our holy scriptures to be protected.

We are committed to preserving the integrity of the holy scriptures and the sanctities of our Hindu scriptures,” the group said.

It has also called for the abolition of “Hinduisation” in India, saying that the country has a long history of “devotion to Hinduism” that goes back to the 14th century.

The video also accused the government of not taking the issue seriously.

“If you are concerned about the ‘Hindu’ or ‘secular’ or the ‘Islamicisation’ of India, you should not listen to Hindutviads Hindustvadya.

You should not give them the opportunity to speak to the Prime Minister,” the video read.”

Your silence and your silence on the issue of ‘HINDUisation’ in India will cause a big problem for the Hindu religion,” the Hindu nationalist leader said.”

You should not allow the Muslim to make a big issue of your religion,” he added.

On Wednesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said he would not accept any “Muslim” becoming the country’s leader.

“We are not going to accept any Muslim becoming our leader,” he told reporters in New Delhi.

“What happens in India is up to the Hindu people.

We will fight this battle, as we always have,” Modi said.

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