A Muslim who’s going to prison for ‘hate speech’ says he’ll leave prison soon

MSNBC has obtained a copy of the court documents that were filed last month against a Muslim cleric and his supporters who were sentenced to five years in prison for “hate speech.”

The documents were filed in U.S. District Court in Alabama.

The documents are the first public evidence of the severity of the charges against Khairul Islam, who has been a vocal critic of the Quran.

Islam, who was born in the U.K. to Pakistani parents and raised in Britain, was convicted of inciting hatred of Islam and inciting the defiling of the Koran in April, just weeks after the U,S.

and other world powers imposed sanctions on Iran.

In the documents, prosecutors said Islam was guilty of “false statements and malicious defamation of persons, places, and events that are not of a political, religious, or ideological nature.”

The charges against him also included making a false statement about the Quranic text.

The court documents say Islam was also found guilty of false statements about the Islamic state.

The court documents describe Islam’s writings as “offensive and hurtful” and say they include “hate speeches against Muslims, Jews, and other non-Muslims.”

The charges against Islam, whose name is Khairulu Islam, were brought against him in response to a petition from the American Civil Liberties Union, which had called for his release.

The ACLU filed the petition after Muslim leaders, including a leader of the Muslim Council of Greater Birmingham, told the court that they had been “forced to resign” in response.

They were not charged with any crimes, but the ACLU said in a news release that the charges were “an outrageous attack on freedom of speech.”

In the court filings, the ACLU describes Islam as a leader in the “Muslim Brotherhood.”

It said Islam, a member of the Egyptian branch of the group, has been “instrumental in the recruitment of young people to join the Brotherhood.”

The court filings said Islam had been active in the Brotherhood and had been invited to a meeting in 2011 when he attended an event with “members of the Brotherhood in Egypt.”

The court filing said the meeting was held after the 2011 uprising that toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The judge who was the lead prosecutor in the case said he was surprised by the charges and said he would have never filed charges against the cleric.

“I would never have imagined a sentence of this kind,” said U.E. Circuit Court Judge Stephen J. Hodge.

“I think it’s very unusual that he’s being prosecuted,” Hodge said.

“He’s a very prominent member of this movement.

He has some very interesting views.

I think that’s an indictment of the U-turn, of what happened.””

There’s a lot of pressure on him from the Muslim Brotherhood,” Hoey said.”

They’ve been very, very active in trying to get him removed from office and from speaking publicly, and I think it was very disappointing to hear that there was no charge brought against this individual,” Hokey said of the cleric, who is the head of the Islamic Center of Birmingham, the largest mosque in Birmingham.

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