Holy Quran: The Quran is the greatest poem of all time – in 5 words – by Qari Qarada

In a new video, Qari Jari Qari, the grandson of Qaradawi, explains that the Quran is a masterpiece, and a gift from God to mankind.

“The Quran is not a translation, but a divine text that is meant to be read by the eyes of mankind,” he said.

“This is why, as we read it, it does not have any meaning for us.”

Qari has spent much of his life searching for a translation for the Quran, but has never been able to find one.

“There are no translations for the Arabic language,” he told ABC News.

“You need to read the Quran to know its meaning.”

Qaris son has spent decades looking for a language that would translate the Quran.

In 2009, he found a translation of the Quran that was only available in Persian.

Qari said the translation he found was “the most difficult and the most expensive one.”

Qaradi also had to find the Quran’s text in the same language in which the Koran was translated.

He did this by using “a process of reading the Quran in the correct order”.

Qari was able to identify the Quran by looking for words like “God,” “Allah,” “God’s” “One” and “God, Lord.”

Qiraji is a student at the University of Notre Dame and is a member of the Muslim community in the US.

He was inspired to produce the video by the publication of the Bible, and the Holy Quran has become an important part of his curriculum.

“In fact, I am studying the Quran and studying the Bible in the exact same way,” he added.

Qaradez told ABC that he would love to see the Quran translated into other languages.

“I have seen translations of the Quranic text in Arabic and Arabic-speaking countries, but I have not been able for years to get the translation into other countries,” he wrote.

Qareem Qarem, the director of the Islamic Institute of America, said the video “shows the immense value of the Holy Quranic verse” and added that it has become a source of pride for students in American Muslim communities.

“It shows that the Holy Verse of the Koran is indeed an incredible text and a unique source of inspiration to Muslims around the world,” Qareemi said.

But, he added, it also “has its limitations”.

Qareemin, Qareen and Qariq said that they plan to continue to search for a good translation.

“Our goal is to have a translation that is in a similar language to the Arabic one so that we can understand it,” Qari told ABC.

“So far, the translations that we have found have not translated well.”

The Holy Quran is currently available in the form of a single page that can be read on a screen or printed.

However, the Holy Book can be divided into more than five parts, each of which is intended to be seen as a single book.

The four parts of the holy Quran are called “Book of the Prophet,” “Book” and the “Holy Quran.”

The first part, known as the Book of the Prophets, is divided into the Book and the Quran on which they are based.

The second part, Book of Prophets and Quran, is known as Holy Quran.

The third part, Holy Quran and Book of Prophet, is the Holy Word.

“If you know what you are looking for, then you can read this book, it will open a door to the Holy Spirit, the Lord of the Universe,” Qarady added.

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