When you see the word ‘infidel,’ think of Muslims who believe in god

When you look at the Quran, what do you think about Muslims who are “infidels”?

The term has been used by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in its propaganda to describe anyone who is not Muslim, or who is different from Muslims, even if they have the right to worship God.

But is the term right?

The answer depends on the context and the intentions of the speaker.

For example, a speaker might say: “The people who are not Muslims are infidiots.”

The Arabic word “infidel” means to turn away, to ignore or not understand.

The term was originally used by Muslims in the Quran to describe those who were unbelievers.

“The Muslims who reject the Quran are the infidines,” says Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Dutch-born Palestinian-Dutch writer and human rights activist.

Hirsi is a member of the Islamic University of Gaza, which is located in Gaza, and a prominent critic of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

She is one of the few Arab writers who has been allowed to write freely in the Palestinian Territories.

She says that the term “infinity” is sometimes used to describe people who don’t follow Islam.

“But the word infidel is also used by non-Muslims who are infirm and have disabilities, who are sick or who have psychological problems.

It’s a term that is used by a lot of people who have not followed Islam, who don the rules, who have been rejected by society,” Hirsi says.

“In fact, it’s not the religion itself, but a part of society that is rejected by them.”

But when Hirsi was asked what she would call someone who rejects Islam, she answered that someone who refuses to accept God.

“And it’s something that is totally unacceptable in our society,” she says.

This has been the case in Israel, where the term has become a common expression of criticism against Israeli policy and policies.

“This is why we have seen an increase in the use of the word in the West and also in the United States,” says Nadav Klein, a professor at the American University of Beirut who specializes in international relations and Palestinian politics.

The use of a term like “infidelity” is also a reflection of the ongoing Israeli occupation, which Klein says has been very divisive in the Middle East.

The occupation, he says, is a product of the occupation of lands by the Zionist movement, which began with the conquest of the Mandate of Palestine in 1948 and continues to this day.

“Israel has had its own policy, which has been to deny the Palestinian right to self-determination and to have its own government, to deny freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

It has imposed a form of occupation over Palestinian lands,” he says.

Klein also notes that the Palestinians have been subject to decades of occupation, and there have been ongoing violations of their rights.

“What Israel has done is to take control of all the lands, the whole of the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, and to do that to them is very similar to what the occupier does,” he said.

“We have seen the term ‘infidelity’ become a way of describing this.”

The term “Israel is infidel” is used to insult Palestinians who are oppressed in the Occupied Territories, says Hirsi.

“I think the term Israel is the one that was used in the past to describe Palestinians who have rejected the ideology of Islam and of the religion of Islam,” Hirsy says.

Hirsy has written a book about her experiences of being Palestinian in Israel called “The Infidel,” which was published by the University of Toronto Press in 2015.

“If you are an Arab in Israel or a Muslim in Israel and you do not believe in God, you are not a Muslim,” Hirsu says.

In a statement to NBC News, Hirsi said that the use in the name of Islam is meant to be a reference to those who reject Islam, which she considers “a religion that is incompatible with the teachings of the Quran and the teachings that are in the Qur’an.”

“I am very proud of my work on the Palestinian issue and of my books, and I hope that people who understand my work will understand that the Quran is a sacred text that has been given to mankind and has to be understood by everybody, regardless of their religious affiliation,” she said.

Hirsu was born in Gaza in the late 1970s and says she came to Israel as a refugee when the conflict between Israel and Hamas erupted in 2008.

She has lived in Israel for more than 20 years and teaches Arabic at a university in Jerusalem.

She describes herself as a Palestinian-Israeli woman who believes in the value of the struggle of the oppressed.

“There are people who say: ‘Well, you know, we don’t want to live in this situation.

So, why are

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