How to tell the difference between holy Quran and Quranic commentary

The holy Quran is a translation of the Bible and is the basis of the Quran, which is the most widely read book in the world.

But a recent study has shown that the two have radically different meanings.

Here are some of the key points.


Holy Quran is actually just a translation The study was conducted by researchers from the US and the UK.

They wanted to understand how the Quranic language and words have changed over time.

They compared the words in the Quran to words found in the Bible, and came up with a “correlational analysis” to show how the two are actually related.

This is a technique used by linguists to look for patterns in the way language sounds.

For instance, if a word sounds similar to a word in another language, that may be a clue to its meaning.

The team found that in the original text, some of these words had more than one meaning.

So the Quran is written in the same way as the Bible.

“This gives us a sense of how the words have been changed over the years,” says Professor Richard Epperson, from the University of Oxford.

“But it doesn’t tell us how the changes have been made to preserve the original meanings of the words.

The Quran is not a written word but a word written by a hand with the words written on it.”


Holy Quranic verse contains a lot of ‘observational’ verses Many of the verses are very literal.

This means that they are not actually statements from God but rather are statements made by humans who are trying to give advice to people in a certain situation.

For example, one verse in the Qur’an tells Muslims to follow the example of their prophet Muhammad and not follow any one other.

This verse was compiled by the Prophet himself, Muhammad’s brother, and the prophet himself didn’t know that the verses were actually from God.

The study found that this verse contained a lot more “observatory” verses.

These are verses that relate to the past, present and future, which are also sometimes found in Bible and the Qurans.

For the study, the team analysed the meanings of more than 10,000 verses.

The researchers then compared these meanings to the meanings in the books of the Quraysh, the Prophet’s family.

The scholars found that the meanings had changed over times, with the oldest verses containing the most observational and observational-sounding verses.


Holy Koran is an ‘extension’ of the original Bible Some verses in the holy Koran are so close to the original verses that they may be called “extensions”.

For example one verse from the Quran tells Muslims: “Verily, Allah’s Apostle was not one who would abandon the faith.

If you are believers, follow him.”

In the Quran the word “believers” is replaced by the word ‘believers’.

This word has a long history in Arabic, which dates back to the ninth century.

The Qurayshi’s interpretation of this verse is different to other verses, and is often referred to as the “extension” of the “original” Qur’anic verses.


Some Qurayshs believed in the existence of a special afterlife, called the “khalifa”.

Other scholars have suggested that the khalifa was a supernatural being, or that Allah created an afterlife after the death of the Prophet.

But the scholars of the study say that this theory is not supported by the Qurayzah.

The verse in question says that Allah is the “all-merciful, merciful”.

So the scholars believe that the Quratsih are just trying to convey the message of God that there is no afterlife.


There are many verses in both the Quran and the Bible that are contradictory In the Quratesh, there are many different verses in between the verses of the Holy Qur’ans.

This was found in a study of more and more verses by the authors of the holy Quran.

For each verse, the researchers looked at the other verses and tried to see which verses are more or less consistent with the Qurawsihs interpretation.

For more than 300 verses, the Quratists used the best version that they could find, but also looked at other verses that were more or more ambiguous.

In this way, they found that there are a lot fewer verses that are very contradictory.

In the study the authors say that the study “reveals that the Holy Quran contains many contradictions, and we should not expect the Qurasih to be infallible”.

So in some ways, the study is a validation of the idea that the holy Qur’ahs words and interpretations have been modified by people over time, which means that there may be contradictions between the two books.

The holy Qurans meaning of the word jihad is very clear, but its meaning in the New Testament is ambiguous.

This may be because the New Testaments original meaning of jihad is much different than the interpretation of the Islamic holy books. 6. Some

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