Why do you say that you are of the Prophet’s family? – Anahita Bibi

Anahitas Bibi, who was kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2009, says her family is Muslim and not Christian.

“My family is not Christian and I am not a Christian.

My mother is a Christian and my father is Muslim,” she told the ESPNCricinfo.

The Bibi family, including her husband and two daughters, is Muslim.

“I am not an apostate.

I am a Muslim.” 

The interview is part of an effort by ESPNCri and ESPNcricinfo to engage more with the community, and provide a more transparent and honest view of the religion, politics and culture of Nigeria. 

In the interview, Bibi says she was “sent” to Boko Haram by her parents. 

“I was sent to them.

I have never heard of anyone who has ever been sent to Boko Haus,” she says.

 “My father was an army soldier, my mother a soldier, so they sent me to them.”

Bibi says the family had two other children in the family and she was sent “with the two other daughters”. 

“If they send you with a girl, and they ask you, ‘Where are you going?’, they will send you to the nearest village,” she said. 

Bibi’s husband and her daughters are all Muslims.

She says her mother was Christian and the sisters were Muslim. 

She said Boko Haram abducted her after she was abducted. 

 “The first time, they said, ‘Are you the son of the prophet?’

They said, yes, but they were not telling me where I would go,” Bibi said.

“When I got to the village, they told me that I was to go with them. 

When they arrived, they put me in a room.

They said I was going to be tortured and that I had to go there.

I asked them, ‘What do you mean?’

They said it was an honour to kill me.

They put a knife to my throat and they said that they would kill me if I tried to escape.”

Bibli’s interview Bibli said her parents were killed in the town of Bari.

“They said, we will kill you.

I was tortured,” Bibli said.

“I got out of there.

But they said they would bring me back, and when they came back, I said that I wanted to stay with them,” she continued.

“After that, they took me to their house, and I was taken to a different house.

There was a big room where they would beat me, and then they beat me again.”

Bibli says her parents and two sisters were “beaten in different rooms”, and that her brother, who is also a Christian, was tortured in a different room. 

The Bibi interview was part of the ESPNCricInfo program featuring interviews with prominent Nigerian religious figures, academics and other prominent people. 

ESPNcricInfo is a free service providing coverage of a wide range of topics and issues.

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