Islamic State, al-Qaeda and al-Nusra Front all share a common agenda

ISIS and al Qaeda have teamed up to develop a new tool that they claim will allow terrorists to share information online without fear of reprisal, according to a leaked document seen by the Washington Post.

The program, codenamed Holy Quran, is part of an effort to “enable Islamic State (IS) and al Nusra Front [al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate] fighters to communicate securely and effectively,” the document says.

The program was developed by the two terrorist groups during a meeting in November 2016.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Al Nusra are listed by the United States as the “designer and financier” of the Holy Quranic software, which is designed to encrypt communication between militants, and the U.S. government has publicly acknowledged the Islamic State’s involvement in developing the software.

“The Islamic state has been using the HolyQuran program to exchange communications for over a year,” a U.N. report published in January 2017 stated.

“The HolyQuranic program was the first step in a broader strategic strategy of using the program to coordinate activities.”

The program is described in the document as a way to “improve the efficiency and security of the communications between ISIL and al Qaida.”

The document said the software would “enable al Qida and other terrorist organizations to communicate more securely and efficiently.”

“In a bid to improve communication, the Holyquranic team created a tool that encrypts the communication between Islamic State fighters and al al Qaidis,” the U

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