How to get rid of the Qur’an in 30 minutes

The holy book is one of the most important texts of Islam and is read at mosques, synagogues and schools all over the world.

Now, there are ways to remove it from your home, in your car, on the train or even in your pocket.

It is an important tool in the struggle against evil, says the head of the Qor’an Institute, Professor Abdul Aziz Khadem, who has been researching this in his new book.

He says removing the Qurans verses is like removing a stone from the grave of the Prophet Muhammad, but that you can also do it to help those who are in need of a message.

“The Quran is a beautiful book, it’s a very holy book, so it’s quite easy to remove the verses, to take them out of circulation,” Professor Khadem told ABC Radio Perth.

In the past, removing the verse from the Quran was a crime punishable by death.

But now Professor Khader says a few key verses are no longer in circulation and that a lot of people in Indonesia, in Australia and even in the Middle East are using the Quranic verse removal technique.

Professor Khadem says the Quran is used to help spread love and forgiveness.

“What you’re doing is you’re removing the verses that you believe in,” he said.

“You’re not doing that for yourself, but you’re also doing it for those who have suffered a lot in this world, and that’s really a message that we need to give.”

He said the Quran could be used to give peace to people who have been persecuted.

“It can be a way of showing love and understanding, and I think that’s why people are taking to this.”

The study of removing the Quran from the bookshelves of a country has been around for centuries.

A man in Indonesia is known as the ‘Quran Collector’, because he collects the verses to make sure no more Qur’ans are destroyed.

Mr Ruhin Joo, who is also the headman of the Institute, said his institute was founded to teach people the Quran and to encourage people to read it.

“So we’re just a book club, so we’re really not doing anything else, we’re not promoting any other religion, we don’t even have a school,” he told ABC Perth.

“But we’re hoping to spread the Quran, to help the people who are suffering, to show them that they can still be a human being, to be good and kind.”

The institute was launched last year, and now the organisation has around 150 members and has chapters in Indonesia and Australia.

Professor Khader said he has found people in Australia who have had a negative experience with the Quran.

“They were very shocked to find that a number of them were reading it and reading and reading, so they started to think, well why don’t I take it down?”

And we’ve found that a majority of people who had this negative experience had not been using it at all, so why do they still have it?

“So the more we try and understand it and the more people can understand it, the more will be available for us to work on and improve,” he added.

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