The Jerusalem Press Company releases part of Holy Quran publisher Al-Minshaws al-30s-part. Part 2

Posted October 01, 2019 06:00:18It is important to realize that the contents of the Holy Quran are not the same as the ones published by Al-Quran Publishers.

The publisher of Holy Qurans al-Manshaws is the same person as the publisher of Al- Quran publishers and that is why, they are considered to be the same entity.

This is a fact that must be understood, since it is the main difference between the two publications.

In other words, the Holy Quran publisher al- Minshaw al- al-Mu’allasīn is a publisher that publishes the Holy Book, whereas the Holy Quran publisher is a publication that is meant to be read by the believers.

Al- Manshaw is a book of God that is not only meant to convey truth but also contains information and wisdom, while the Holy quran is the book of revelation.

This distinction is based on the belief that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to call his Holy Book “Quran”.

It is also the belief of the Quran that the book is a divine revelation.

Al Manshaws Al-30 is a collection of Holy Book.

It is not an encyclopedia but an encyclopedia of the Quranic teachings.

This compilation was published between 639 and 680 CE.

It contains the Holy Books of God’s prophets, the Qur’an, the Hadith, the Sunnah and other books of wisdom and insight.

The book is divided into four sections: “Chapter” – which contains the Qur’,an and Hadith; “Chapter-II” – the Sunna and other verses from the Holy Scripture; “Volume” – books from the collections of the prophets and their companions; and “Volume-III” – other books.

It includes the entire history of the Prophet Muhammad’s life and the revelations given to him by the Holy Angels, angels, saints and prophets.

It also includes the books of knowledge and wisdom from the writings of the angels, prophets and saints.

It was translated into Arabic, which was then used in the Holy Scriptures of the Muslims and other Christian religions.

The first chapter of Al Manshas Al- 30 consists of the following sections: Chapter-1 – the beginning of the first chapter, in which God reveals to Moses (pbah) the command of the Lord of the Worlds.

This was a revelation to the Prophet Moses (p), who sent it as a personal command.

The second chapter of the book deals with the revelation of Moses and the Prophets (pbih).

 Chapter-2 – Moses and Elijah (pbahu) (pbāhīm) are mentioned in this chapter.

They are the two men who led the people to worship God.

They were called Moses and Elias (mushāra) because they were the two people who brought Moses and his companions to the land of Egypt.

They sent Moses and some of his companions, and then Moses and a delegation of the people went to the East.

Moses and two companions went to heaven.

 The third chapter of this book deals the first revelation to Jesus Christ (pbaw).

It is the revelation from God to Moses that led the Jews to worship Him and the Christians to worship Jesus.

The fourth chapter of al- Manshahs Al– 30 deals with Jesus and his teachings.

The Book of God is not a mere collection of revelations from God, but is a revelation from a great prophet who sent a message to the world.

The revelation to Moses is the beginning.

The prophet Moses sent a revelation that revealed to Moses and all of the Prophetes (pbīrs) that God sent Moses.

The Holy Prophet Moses said: “And now, when you see that I have sent to you prophets from among the prophets, and that I am God, I will teach you the Holy Text.”

He then went on to say: “The Holy Text is the Quran.

I have spoken to the Prophete Moses.

If you ask me what he has told me, I have told you everything that I know.”

The Quran was the Word of God and the Word hadith (sayings from the prophets).

Moses and others were called mūsāra because they heard the Word and saw it.

When they saw it, they became believers.

Moses said, “O Lord, give me the Holy text.

If it is true, I know it.

If not, I am wrong.

I will give it to you.”

God then revealed to the prophet Moses that he would give the Holy Torah (the Holy Book) to Moses for the purpose of learning about God and his will.

After Moses had taught the Propheter Moses, God said to

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