How to Know Which Religion is True and Which is Not?

If you were raised in a Muslim household, you might have a hard time telling which religion is true and which is not.

This is because Islam is the official religion of the world and the Quran is the holy book of the entire religion.

The Qur’an tells us to follow Allah (SWT), the Creator of the universe, and to believe in Him as our Lord and Savior.

So why do so many people confuse this text with the Quran?

Some people may argue that the Quran does not have a specific word for the term “Allah.”

However, the Qur’anic word for “God” is called “Al-Araf,” which means “Lord.”

This is a direct translation from Arabic into English, which means Allah is Lord and the Almighty.

In other words, Allah is the same thing as Allah, and the word Allah refers to is the word al-Aarraf.

The Holy Quran does have a word for God in the title, but it does not refer to God in any specific way.

In fact, the Holy Quran itself says nothing about God except that Allah is One.

In the Bible, God is called Jehovah.

In many religions, God and Jesus are often referred to as the same God, the same person, or the same name.

In Islam, God’s name is Allah, or Allah is God.

The name Allah is a synonym for the name God, and it is a word that is commonly used in the Quran.

So even if you did not grow up in a devout Muslim household in which Allah was the name of God, you can probably recognize the word “Allah” as a synonymous word for Allah.

However, even if Allah is not the name you are accustomed to using in everyday life, there are other words that are also commonly used as synonyms for Allah in the Holy Qur’ānic text.

There are words that people call Allah in Arabic, like Allahu Akbar, Allahu alayhi wa salam, Allahū Akbar (God is peace).

In English, people use these terms interchangeably.

In English they are called “God is great” and “God loves us.”

But the term Allah is also used in a different way in the Qurʾān.

In some versions of the Quranic text, Allah refers directly to God as Allahu akbar.

This means that Allah was in a previous incarnation as God, or that Allah and Allahu were one and the same.

In Arabic, the word used for God is al-nāmah.

The word al-‘ām means “God has given.”

So Allah is always God, no matter what he does.

In short, the holy Qur’ânic text refers to God by saying, Allahahu Akbar.

In this way, Allah becomes the one who is always Allah.

So when you say, “God exists,” you are saying that God is God and he is always the one God.

God is the Almighty, Almighty, God.

But what about the Qurān’s claim that Allah has created everything?

According to this view, God created everything from nothing.

But there are verses in the holy text that contradict this claim.

The Quran claims that Allah created the stars, the heavens, and earth.

This would seem to imply that the stars and the heavens were created by God in a divine act.

But in the Islamic tradition, this is not true.

According to the Qur`ān, the stars were created in six different stages.

The first stage was created in a state of innocence and was filled with stars that were made of pure dust and water.

These stars were so big and powerful that they were able to create the universe and to guide it.

After this, the next stage of creation was created.

In a state where the stars had no form, they were created with a human form, and then they created a third stage, which was created to resemble a human face.

This third stage is called the human face, or kufr (unclean) face.

After a few thousand years of creation, the human form was created by Allah.

It became the first human being, and so on until Allah created all of creation in a single day.

It should be noted that the Islamic doctrine of creation is a kind of Darwinian evolution, in which God created the heavens and the earth with a single act.

In essence, the creation of the heavens was a divine action, which Allah did not do.

The heavens were then filled with light, and Allah created animals and plants.

Then God created all the other creatures in the heavens.

These animals and the plants created the earth.

Finally, Allah created man.

Man is the first of all animals, and he has the highest place in the universe.

But when God created man, he created him in the form of a human being.

Therefore, God does not create all animals in the

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