When It Wasn’t ‘Hindu’: Hinduism’s Early Days in Indonesia

Indonesia’s early history is often celebrated in its diversity, but a new book explores the religious and cultural differences of a small, Muslim minority group that remained largely isolated from the rest of the world for hundreds of years.

In the early 20th century, the country’s Christian missionaries were welcomed as a new way to spread Christianity in Indonesia.

Their efforts helped to convert millions of Indonesians, and in the process, they began to see the country as a place where their beliefs could flourish.

“In the late 19th century [Indonesia] was a very tolerant country, a tolerant place.

People who didn’t know anyone in the community didn’t become very active, they didn’t try to proselytize, they couldn’t do it,” says Dr. Peter K. Teng, professor of religion and comparative religion at University of California, Berkeley.”

But then they found a group of people who were not as tolerant, they were more like the Muslims who were coming from the west and the United States and the Middle East and other places, they weren’t very active.”

The story of Islam in IndonesiaThe book, Holy Quran: A Muslim’s Journey from Islam to Hinduism in the Islamic World, is based on interviews with more than 100 people from different parts of Indonesia, and is the first in-depth look at the history of Islam and Hinduism.

It explores the lives of Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists in the country.

Teng says the book is a fascinating look into the minds of people in Indonesia, who were so unfamiliar with Islam, but who eventually developed a complex relationship with the religion.

“They were coming to a place in Indonesia where they thought of themselves as a separate people, and so they adopted the religion of their own accord,” Teng says.

“They felt they were at a distinct place, they felt like they were on a different planet.

They really had a different relationship to their own culture.”

Teng points to the religious differences among the countrys Muslim and Hindu communities, and argues that they played a key role in the spread of Christianity in the early centuries of the 20th Century.

“When you’re dealing with a religion that’s so different from the one you came from, that’s really what has really been fascinating to me, the diversity of the religious community and their relationship to the one that was given to them by their parents, and their own religious traditions,” Ting said.

The book is set in the Muslim-majority state of West Java, which is home to more than 60 million people.

It is divided into five regions: Jambi, the Muslim heartland; Jambia, the Hindu heartland in the northwest; Sulawesi, the Christian heartland and the eastern province of Aceh, which contains a major population of Indonesans and has a large Buddhist population.

The story that’s told is one of Islam, which was born in Indonesia as a syncretic religion.

Ting says there were two major divisions within Islam, one was the syncretism of its faith with Christianity, and the other was the integration of both.

“The syncretist position is very interesting.

The syncretists believe that there was a great harmony between the three faiths, and that’s what the Christians have tried to emulate.

The Muslim position is the opposite,” Tings said.

In Indonesia, there are many different denominations of Islam.

For example, there’s the Hanafi school, which focuses on the teachings of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, and it’s the school of the Hanbalis.

Then there are the Shias, who are very traditional, and are focused on preserving their own faith traditions.

There are also the Sufi and the Zoroastrians, which Teng calls the “holy war” in Indonesia and the Sufis are the spiritual leaders of the Muslim community.

Tongue-in-cheek storiesTeng describes how this syncretized religion influenced the lives and ideas of Muslim Indonesians.

“It’s interesting to look at how this religion, which had a very specific, religious vision, it came into contact with Christianity and came into conflict with the Christian tradition, the idea of the monotheism,” he said.

“That’s a very interesting story, and I think it’s important to look into how the syncrette religions and the syncrettes came together, and how that was important for the history and the understanding of the Islamic world.”

Ting points to a number of stories that tell the story of how syncretistic faiths came to conflict.

“A lot of these stories have a very traditional Islamic character, and they reflect that,” Tung said.

“The syncrette religion was very strong and strong in Indonesia.”

“A couple of the stories that you’ll see are very, very traditional Muslim stories,

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