A look at the Quran by Islamic scholar: A translation of the holy book

The holy Quran is the book of the Quran.

Its translation is called the Holy Quran.

The holy book is also known as the Quran or the Quran in Arabic.

This is why many Muslims believe the Holy Book to be a divine revelation.

The Bible, the Koran, the Torah, and the Mahdi are other major religions that also use the Quran as a scripture.

The Quran contains the entire Bible and the Koran.

But unlike these religions, Muslims believe that the Quran is God’s book of revelation.

The Bible, for example, has the word God.

The Koran, for the Quran, has two different words: Allah and the Quran itself.

So the Holy Bible is not a divine book.

It is an ancient text.

The Torah and the Gospel of John are two other religions that use the Holy Text as their scriptures.

The Mahdi, on the other hand, is a different type of scripture.

It has no word God and has no concept of God.

However, its teachings are similar to the Bible and Koran, and Muslims believe it is God.

Some Muslims are even trying to convert the Quran into a Bible.

In the Quran we find the word, “Allâh” or “Allah.”

It means, “God is One.”

That’s why many scholars, such as Imam Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, believe that Muslims should read the Quran and the holy text, as well as the Bible.

“We must all read the Holy Qur’an and the Holy Koran, as God revealed to Muhammad the Holy Scripture, which was revealed through the Prophet Muhammad,” Abu Bakr said.

“The Holy Quraysh and the Qurayshi are the only two books which can bring us back to God.”

The Holy Quran has been the book that has brought the Muslims of the world together for centuries.

It was the foundation of Islam.

It teaches Muslims to live by the Quran alone, without the words of other people or religions.

Muslims believe that they are living on a divine mission and that God has sent them to spread the word of God in the world.

They have called the Quran a book of faith.

And since the Quran contains so much information, there are many translations of it.

In fact, there is a translation of every single page of the Holy Books into many languages.

The Quran has many interpretations.

The most commonly used translation is known as Sahih Muslim.

This has a number of versions, such the Hanafi and the Maliki versions.

In addition, there also are a few other versions, called Sunan Abu Dawud, which is what is written in the Quran’s first chapter.

There are also versions that have no translation.

The Islamic scholar Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab wrote a commentary on the Holy Holy Book called Sahih al-Fatih, which has some 500 different verses.

This translation is used to explain and clarify many things in the Holy books.

This commentary is called Sunnah.

Sunnah means that the original word of the Arabic language has been preserved.

For example, in the Sahih of al-Tabari, a chapter from the Holy Old Testament, a translation is made into Hebrew by using the word “he” as a synonym for God.

In this case, God is the same as Allah.

Sunnis and Shias often use the term al-Hijrah.

It means “in the way of Allah” and refers to the way that Islam teaches us to follow God.

It describes how Muslims should be.

It also tells us that Muslims must follow the path of Allah.

In Islam, this path includes everything from marriage to prayer to fasting to pilgrimage to pilgrimage, in order to become the true Muslims.

Sunnah also explains many things about the Holy Prophet Muhammad and the teachings of his life.

In particular, it describes how he guided his followers to the right path.

The Holy Prophet taught us to practice patience, forgiveness, patience and humility.

He also said, “Don’t be afraid to speak up against the oppressor and the oppressors will be forgiven.”

The Prophet also said that if you don’t want to live, you can’t kill.

Sunni Muslims say that if we want to go back to the time of the Prophet, we should be patient and tolerant and we should not kill.

The Holy Prophet also told us to live the life of an Arab.

This meant that we should follow the rules of our society and obey the law of our nation.

We should not become greedy, we must not drink alcohol, we shouldn’t get involved in politics, we cannot go to war, we have to be polite and to behave in a manner that will bring prosperity.

The Prophet said, We should practice patience and we must be tolerant and humble.

The Muslim World today is divided into various communities and sects, but the Holy One has always been one community.

The Muslims in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America believe that Islam is the

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