The ‘Holy Quran’ contains a hidden message of Islam

The Holy Quran, the “supreme law” of Islam, contains a secret message of Allah and Islam, according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Research.

The study also reveals that many of the verses that Muslims believe to be in the Holy Quran have been misinterpreted and misinterpreted by other religions.

The book is believed to contain the “Word of God,” which the Quran teaches to Muslims, as well as the “Gospel,” the Book of Life, and the “Book of Laws.”

In the Quran, Allah, Muhammad, and all of the prophets are referred to as “Gods.”

They are described as beings of absolute intelligence and greatness, and Allah is the One who created the world, created man, and endowed him with intelligence.

Allah is also called “God” in the Quran.

But the Bible contains many contradictions, including the phrase “God is great” and the phrase, “God was great before he created the earth.”

And the Quranic passage in the Gospel of Thomas, which contains the phrase: “The kingdom of God is from God, the glory of God and his dominion is on earth,” contradicts the Bible’s statement that God created the Earth and the heavens.

The Holy Quran also contains numerous verses that describe the events that occurred after the Qur’an was revealed, but many of these have been changed and distorted by non-Muslims.

For example, the Quran describes the time that came after the revelation of the Quran as “the year of the conquest of the East.”

The time in which Muhammad conquered the East, the East was “the place of a war” that he fought against the “unbelievers.”

The East was destroyed in a great battle, the Quraysh said, which led to “the people of Paradise.”

But in the Bible, the conquest and destruction of the “Unbelievers” took place after the verse about the “year of the conquering of the West.”

In other verses, the Bible describes Muhammad as a warrior, who defeated the “iniquity of the earth” and “the sins of the people of the world.”

The Bible also says that Muhammad was “king of the two nations,” which means he was the leader of the Muslim community.

The Bible says Muhammad “took the Jews and the Christians captive and sent them as slaves.”

But in the Koran, the Muslims are referred only to as Muslims and the Bible is called the Bible.

These changes are believed to be the result of Muslims who took part in the Crusades, and were forced to convert to Islam.

The Quran and the Holy Bible have also been distorted and misinterpretation by other nations, including Judaism, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism.

In the Quran and Bible, Muhammad is referred to by the names of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and Jesus.

These names are not Muslims, and do not represent the Muslim faith.

The name Muhammad does not refer to the person who led the Muslims into the Arabian Peninsula and conquered Mecca.

The Bible, like the Quran before it, also contains a lot of contradictions, as seen in the verses about the Jews, the Jews are described in the bible as having “one heart and one mouth,” “one God,” and “one way of life.”

The Quran also refers to the “two brothers,” the brothers who are the true believers, who are known as the Christians.

These are the brothers of the Christian Abraham, who is called Abraham, the father of the prophet Muhammad.

Abraham, in turn, is called Jesus.

The “two people” who are called Christians are called Jews and Zoroasts, the two people of God who worship a God separate from Allah.

In the Bible and the Quran there are several contradictions regarding the Abrahamic religion.

One of the most important contradictions is that the Bible says that the father is called “the true God.”

The Quran, on the other hand, says that God is “the Father of Abraham.”

The Abrahamic faith is based on the idea that the son is the “true God,” while the father, according the Koran and the other Christian religions, is the true God.

The Gospel of Luke, which is the Bible version of the Gospel according to St. Matthew, states that Jesus is the son of Abraham, but in the New Testament the word “father” is used to refer to a person who is born of a woman, not to God.

Jesus is not a Christian, and was born of another woman, Mary.

Jesus was baptized by the apostles, and has not been identified as the son.

The Koran also contains contradictions, and many verses refer to God as “All-Seeing,” “All Knowing,” and other names that have not been in the Old Testament.

One verse describes God as the one who created everything, and another says that “the Lord is All-Knowing.”

The words “All know the Lord” and other expressions that refer to “all know the One” have been removed from the Old and New Test

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