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Muslim scholars argue about whether verse 18:19 is the correct one to use in determining whether a verse in the Quran is Holy or not.

Muslim scholars say that if a verse is not Holy, it is not binding.

So they say that it is up to the person who is interpreting the verses to determine whether it is Holy.

The Qur’an, however, says: We have not made any covenant with them except for what they used to do, except in so far as they used not to harm the earth, except what they destroyed.

If they did harm the land, it would be a covenant of war with them, they would not be allowed to return to their land except when they would be allowed by Allah to do so, as long as they would refrain from destroying the earth.

If you want to see a good example of a verse that has a negative connotation, look no further than this one.

Here’s the verse, 18:18: “We have not (made any) covenant with any of them except in the way they used and destroyed, except for that which they used when they used no means of war.”

This is the verse that the Muslims of the world use to determine what the Quran should be considered to be.

And that verse is 18: 18.

If this verse is indeed the correct verse to use, then this verse does indeed contain the obligation of the Muslims to refrain from harming the land in the future.

This verse, however (the verse from 18:6) does not mention anything about destroying the land.

That would mean that the verse was not revealed before the destruction of the first mosque in Mecca.

Therefore, if we accept that verse, we would have to conclude that the Quran does not actually say that the Qur’ans intent is to destroy the land and the Muslims have to take care not to destroy it in the next 30 years.

However, this is not necessarily the case.

If we look at the verse (18:18) we see that it refers to the destruction that will befall the people of the Islamic State, the group that has seized the region of Iraq.

The verse says: And those who do not fight against them (Muslims) and do not expel them (from the lands) shall surely be given the punishment of the Fire (of Hell) for the sins of those who fight them.

So this verse was revealed prior to the conquest of the territory that was once Iraq.

If that was the case, then we would expect the Muslims in Iraq to follow the verse from the Quran and be following the Quran’s commands and not following the actions of the people in the Middle East.

However we do not see this.

In fact, the Muslims are already following the Quranic command to fight the disbelievers.

The Quran is clear that the disbeliever is the enemy of Muslims.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: Whoever fights the disbelieving Muslims, God will punish them for it.

In other words, God is not angry with the disbelieved Muslims, and God is never angry with them.

The reason for this is that the Islamic Caliphate is not fighting the disbelivers, it’s fighting the infidels.

The Islamic Caliph is not the caliph of the whole of Islam, but rather the caliphs of the Caliphate that encompasses the whole Islamic world.

So the Muslims can be sure that the believers of the entire Islamic world will not be supporting and encouraging the infidel infiduls to wage war against the Muslims, especially since the Muslims were the first to declare war against them in the earliest days of Islam.

The next verse that comes to mind is 18.22: And if they do not obey Allah and His Messenger, God (swt) will punish (them) in the Hereafter.

This is a very common verse.

It refers to those who disobey God and His messenger.

The verses that came before 18.24 and 18.25 say: Do not oppress the unbelievers, nor take from them what Allah has bestowed upon them.

And in other words the believers should not oppress or take from the disbeliefs.

And Allah is Ever Exalted, Most Merciful.

If the Muslims believe that God is Almighty, then they will never be subject to a ruler, as the verse says.

The only ruler that can exist in this world is the God of Islam (God Almighty).

That is why the verse refers to Muslims, not the unbelieving Muslims.

This indicates that God Almighty does not have any problem with Muslims destroying the infides.

Therefore if Muslims believe God Almighty did not send anyone to destroy Islam, then the Quran cannot be interpreted to mean that Islam was ever intended to destroy God Almighty.

As a final word, one final word: If the verse in question is Holy, then there is no reason for Muslims to destroy their holy places.

The Holy Places in the Quraysh are holy because they are the places of worship for

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